0083 Seriously Needed Some More Carroterization

November 7, 2011 § 10 Comments

To kick off our Gundam month, we review the greatest OVA of all time, Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

The best thing about this show is the GMs. GMs were amazing to begin with, but this show just made them better.

Music Selection:
Main Theme – Jon CJG – intro
Magic – Jacob Wheeler – outro

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§ 10 Responses to 0083 Seriously Needed Some More Carroterization

  • I hope I see some G Gundam awesomeness along the way :O

  • ZeonicFreak says:

    The Cool Kids Club Podcast is going to be doing a One Year War month in december, in case your interested. Were going to whore out the Fast Karate forums as we always do to get the word out.

    You know, I do like Gundam 0083, despite its big flaws. You can just look at it as Top Gun Gundam (or Saturday Morning Cartoon Gundam). It doesn’t need a plot, or likable charactors, all you need is sweet MS battles and thats it. I don’t think its all that bad they some people make it out to be. And when I do watch it, I do include the story. Also Cima is up there as hot Gundam couger bait, which I don’t mind at all.

    • Cima is a poor-mans Haman Karn in my book.

      I agree that the story isn’t QUITE as bad as some make it out to be, its serviceable for one watch-through, but liberal use of the chapter skip button certainly helps.

      I’d certainly enjoy any chance to rant about Gundam, any particular shows that are free?

      • Well then may I be the poorest man of them all! Cima at least had more character than Nina ever did with the less screen time she had.

        Eh, I come to it every few years, that to me is how I still enjoy it. It was special to me today as it was when I was in the USA Gundam boom when it aired on Adult Swim about a decade ago (hard to believe) depending on how I watch it. Last time I saw it through was when i got the DVD collection online about over 4 years back.

        Well what we got lined up is the original series, 08th MS Team, 0080 and Igloo, and we will top our month off with Gundam UniCRON 4. We can get into more Gundam months down the road.

      • Andrew_Graruru says:

        Me and Jeff don’t plan on reviewing 08th MS Team or 0079 on Graruru, so we’d both enjoy being on your show for either of those. And I think we both welcome any chance to sing Unicorns praises.

      • graruru says:

        Igloo is dope. I like all the black people

  • I can certainly tell my host about having guest. I did ask One Pixel Jump for the 08th MS Team, but I havnet heard back from him yet on that. We could use all the help since our own Gundam expert has no will to be part of the show at this time, so we dont know.

    If you click my name you can just shoot me an email and we will give you guys some dates on when we will record those episodes, but were looking about last weekend of november to record.

  • Matt Wells says:

    Oh God, the suit designs in this shows are just unbearably sexy. Of the two things they got right, the designs and the action setpieces were incredible. I just wish they made a movie about the actual Operation Stardust, none of this GATO IS MY ETERNAL RIVAL shonen bullshit.

    The whole thing with the love triangle was just so obviously shoehorned in at the last minute, as if the prducers were like “OH SHIT, we got Kawamori to do the mech desings for this show right? His contract mandates we throw in a love triangle, because Macross, or something.”

    If they just kept it to Kou and his horrible Gay for Gundams shrew of a girlfriend, it would have been tolerable. But no, they derped all over the show at the last minute and we got the rushed hack job of an ending. Nina helps out a war criminal pull off an act of unspeakable vileness because hey, they used to date for a while.

    And Cima really got the shaft of it too. She has this hillariously shitty life in radio dramas and tie in novels and the like, and they reduce it here to “I’M A WOMAN SO I SPOILED YOUR PLANS DELAZ! I HAD TO BESMIRCH THE HONOUR OF THE NOBLE AND GREAT SPACE NAZI WHO WANTS TO KILL AMERICA IN THE NAME OF HONOURABLE SPACE HITLER-SAMA!”

    I think you’re right about this being a money maker Sunrise cranked out after 0080: War in the Pocket. It was like they got to make one serious, depressing drama about how war really DOES suck, sparkly giant robots be damned, and in return they had to make a show with a dozen redesigns for their old Gunpla moulds. All this would be okay if I didn’t ENJOY this crazy show so much. 😦

    • Yeah, despite the backstory they crammed into Gihren’s Greed games and audio books, Cima has always been such a non-character to me. A pretty looking design which cackles maniacally and attempts to recapture that Haman Karn magic.

      The show is indeed very sexy to look at, maybe we all secretly enjoy it for that reason. Still, I’m much more happy with 08TH MS Team which while similarly action-focused, lacked the headache inducing characters and had a slightly less awful romance plot. Could of done with some Monsha, though,

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