Tetsujin 28: The Lingering Moon

August 15, 2011 § 8 Comments

In this fine edition of the Anime Graruru podcast, Andy and I review that Tetsujin 28 movie that Imagawa tried to prevent from coming out.

We got to see it thanks to Blue Fixer Subs.

Here’s the Japanese soldier we were talking about.

Right click, save as to download.

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/Tetsujin28/tetsujin28lingeringmoon.mp3]

Music Selection:

Intro: “Reaching for the Cookie Jar” by Jon CJG

Opening theme for the 2004 Tetsujin 28 TV series

Outro: “Main Theme” (season 5) by Jon CJG


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§ 8 Responses to Tetsujin 28: The Lingering Moon

  • Josh says:

    Found your podcast via AWO.

    It’s unfortunate how little success Imagawa has had, but Tetsujin 28 was an excellent series. It was definitely very bold, but I think the main issue with the show is that Giant Robo fans (all 10 of them) probably watched the first disc expecting something in the same vein and clearly didn’t find it. You see a lot of familiar faces like Kenji Murasame or even Von Vogler, but they aren’t at all the same characters, and I can see how that might be off-putting.

    While I don’t find Tetsujin 28’s lack of Giant Robo-esque flare to be a flaw in the series itself, I can understand why that might turn off potential fans. Of course, anyone who loved GR needs to get on some Shin Mazinger Z, but Shin Mazinger Z isn’t even legally available in the U.S.

    The other problem with Imagawa is really that most of his shows are hard sells for your average anime fan/casual viewer.Tetsujin 28 has that “old” art style. And it’s (ostensibly) about robots. And a climactic episode (minor spoilers) involves a court of inquiry. So, no matter how great it is, like Giant Robo it’s always going to have limited appeal.

    Still, if you like Imagawa, do yourself a favor and watch Tetsujin 28. The whole thing is $50 on Amazon, but most of the individual discs are less than $10 (sometimes even $2-5 a piece). I picked up the entire show a few years ago on Rightstuf for cheap.

    I’ve been excited to watch Lingering Moon for a while, and even though it’s a bit disappointing to hear that it’s lacking in quality (either from Imagawa or yourselves), I’m still going to watch it *because* it’s Imagawa. Even Imagawa’s lesser work is still Imagawa, and I’m always going to give it a shot because, after masterpieces like Giant Robo or Shin Mazinger, I honestly feel like I owe it to the guy.

    I even own Virgin Fleet. 😦

    Hey, somebody has to support the guy.

    • Thanks for the comment! Gotta say I concur with everything you said, and while I had issues with this movie I still loved it as a Tetsujin-28 fan.

      Not enough Kenji Murasame though.

    • tissuekins says:

      Do you love him so much that would buy Nana 7 too?

    • Matt Wells says:

      What about Seven of Seven? Imaawa doing a Moe cheesecake/sentai influenced schooolgirl drama where the main character gets superpowers after being split into seven different colour coded emotional avatars. I think its up on Youtube but english dub only, the DVDs are long out of print.

  • graruru says:

    If you really liked the TV show, then you would probably like this. As huge T28 fans, we liked it too, but we can’t let the pretty big flaws just slide in our observations.

  • Bonehimer says:

    I was wondering just how accessible the movie is to none fans but then remembered that, except for the 70s, Tetsujin 28 has gotten a remake every decade. So maybe the general Japanese audience don’t need that origin story or character introduction/background in the movie.
    Something that super hero movies could learn from, but I am also not sure just how close the movie is to the other incarnations of Tetsujin 28.

    Giant Robo’s Murasame is ironically pretty faithful to Murasame of the 60’s show as a top agent who is a master of disguise. However in the 2004 version and this movie, he is a crook.

    Anyway, yeah the movie was pretty mediocre. But its not bad if thats the worst you have to say about Imagawa’s body of work.

  • Matt Wells says:

    Has this thing been subbed yet? I saw a raw version on Youtube, but otherwise nothing. Lots of cool stuff which I didn’t understand a word of, like the party scene with both of the Murasame Brothers getting weepy. And was surprised at how much of a toal pedo they made Takamizawa: going out to concerts with a ten year old boy detective is one thing, trying to get him drunk and rape him in front of your boyfriend is another thing altogether.

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